Brownsville Street Limitations Prolonged Two Days Due To Inclement Weather

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Give Pirates common manager Neal Huntington this: He isn't afraid to go out on a limb for some thing he thinks in. Just as in the Nate McLouth trade 4 weeks ago, he made a deal he knew wouldn't be well-liked with the players or followers, 1 that won't pay off fully for a while however (and has the danger of not paying off at all).

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The Pittsburgh Pirates acquisition checklist they have obtained outfielder Lastings Milledge and correct-handed pitcher Joel Hanrahan in trade for outfielder Nyjer Morgan and still left-handed pitcher Sean Burnett. The announcement was produced by Pirates Senior Vice President, Common Manager Neal Huntington.

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Enter Milledge, who has infinitely more pop to his bat, a guy who projects to hit twenty five homers in a season - yet has speed similar to that of Morgan (although not fairly). His defense also is seen as "plus" and he has a a lot better arm than Morgan.

That being stated, "potential" is all Milledge has. Nicely, that and a burgeoning reputation of having an attitude issue. This will, following all, be his third business in much less than two years. In a way, buying and selling for him makes Huntington and the Pirates appear disingenuous for their treatment of Craig Monroe and Ian Snell. They're out to weed out the clubhouse, and then they trade for Milledge?

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